Monday, April 18, 2011

The Plan

Yesterday, I started week 10 of my half marathon training, it started great with my first 10K, and  completeing 1 of my 3 scheduled runs for the week.
My goals this week are similar to last week:
Run - 2x (11M & 6M)
Stairs - 2x (2x a day)
Cross Train - 2x (get my booty to the gym)

However with Easter being Sunday and our day already filled with things to do, I think I might move my Sunday long run to Saturday. Of course it is only Monday, so I really need to see how the week is going to play out.
Congrats to all those amazing runners in the 2011 Boston Marathon, may your run be everything you hope for.


  1. I would definitely switch my run to Saturday and enjoy Eastern Sunday. Don't you have Eastern Monday off? We do, that's why I'm running my half on Monday, everybody's off from work that day.

  2. Switch your run and then enjoy whatever you want to eat on Sunday! You re doing great with your training! When you say you mean stair master in the gym?

  3. @ Fran - I wish we had Monday off, but we don't.

    @ Annette - I mean walking up and down 5 flights of stairs in my building. I do it 3x at a time and do it 2x a day. :)