Friday, April 22, 2011

One big ham

I am not talking about what is on my Eater menu for this weekend. Instead about my race photos from Sunday.  I was determined to get a decent photo. The weather was nice and it was a perfect day for a run. I noticed the one lone camera man right after mile 5, around mile 2 for the 5K walkers. This was part of the course that was tough as the 5K and 10K joined together.  Photo's are from Brightroom
A mister camera man there you are

A smile how about a tongue

ok - did you get the shot

Now back to the business of running

I will look like a runner, I will, I will
What is your take on Race Photos? Ham it up or all business?


  1. I like the HAM shots, they actually make it look fun to run ....Great job Jen - you're doing Awesome!!

  2. Great pictures, I love a bit fun into race pictures.

    There are taken photos here on almost every run I did. I usually look them up on the internet and if I like it (meaning I look good :) ) I buy it.
    I like that they are doing it because most of the route there's no one to take your picture.