Friday, April 1, 2011

March Recap and Weigh In

As a new running blogger I have enjoyed reading monthly recaps or highlights. So here is my attempt at recapping the month of March.

March Accomplishments
  • One race completed - St Patricks Day Dash a PR for me 45:33.
  • Best Pace -  11:08
  • Farthest Distance - 10.09 miles
  • In March I ran 66 Miles
  • Lost a couple of lbs
  • Wore my first running skirt
April Goals
  • Farthest Distance - 12 Miles
  • Best Pace -  11:00
  • Total Miles - per the plan 100
  • Lose a few more lbs
All of these goal are obtainable, I am a little scared about the extra mileage but I am following the plan and it has me running long runs on sundays and 6 miles on the other two days for the month of April. I will see how it goes but may split a 6 mile run into two days. We will see what April brings.

Now for the fun stuff the weekly weigh in results are in........scale roll please  - my attempt at a lame joke. :) Down 1lb this week.

My goal levels:
- Next goal enter the forbidden forest - 5lbs (I have not been in the one hundreds in way to long - at least 10 years or more)
- Enter the "overwieght" range for BMI - 9lbs
- 2011 Goal - 24lbs
- Ultimate Goal "Normal" BMI range - 40lbs

Total weight loss in 2011 - 12lbs
Total weight loss - 85lbs


  1. March was a good month! You've got some good goals for April too!

  2. Way to go March... Bring on April!!!

  3. you did good in march and i know you will do wonderfully in april. i believe in you