Monday, April 11, 2011

Just another Manic Monday

I have not heard this song in forever, but it is stuck in my head this morning - so I thought I would share. I am surprisingly not that sore this morning after the 11 miles yesterday. My arches are still hurting, but nothing a little Advil won't help. This week I need to continue to run outside, but I also need to get some leg work in. By the end of 11 miles yesterday I felt like they couldn't carry me any more. The plan is to add some strength training in by sneaking away tot he gym 2x this week and trying to walk the stairs at work 2x.

Looks like the week doing everything twice this week:
Runs - 2x
Stairs - 2x
Cross Train - 2x

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  1. wow, glad I found your blog :) amazing runs! Thanks for the motivation...

    Newest follower!