Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I lied

I said I was going to run outside, even if it meant in the rain. Well I lied - I had planned to run outside, but my husband suggested I run on the treadmill since my foot was still hurting. That way if I was in to much pain I wouldn't have to call for help or limp back home. I will say that was a good call - I only completed 4 of my 6 miles and actually walked most of it.

As I ice my ankle right now I hope that I am able to run my full 6 I have planned for Thursday, who knows maybe I will get to run outside.

Do you enjoy running in the rain?


  1. I love the rain. THe wind? Not so much. Misting rain in horrible wind so it feels like little pinpricks on your skin? LAME.

    Good idea on the treadmill though...nothing worse than getting outside & then having to wait for a ride to show up. :(

  2. Man, I hope the foot feels better soon!! I love running outside, but sometimes the mill is better than nothing. I'll do mild wind, snow... but rain? forget it.

  3. i HATE the rain- i've never even tried running in it. GOOD workout though! keep it up!

  4. You ran and that's what counts.

    I don't mind running in the rain but I don't like to start in it. I don't mind wind either, where I live and run there's always wind so I'm used to it. I do "look" where the wind is coming from and try to get it in my back at the end of my run.

    What I don't like is running in the dark when there's fog.

  5. I don't mind light rain but I don't like if my feet get really wet. The torrential cold rain I ran my half in was outgrageous.