Sunday, April 10, 2011

Figure 8 - 11 Miler

It kind of looks like a figure 8 right? To bad it was 11 miles - oh 11 way do you treat me this way. I actually didn't think I was doing to bad, I stopped with at mile 7 for water, then again a few miles later to use the bathroom. Thank goodness for the library being on my route. I used the Jelly Beans for fuel and I really liked how easy they were to carry and of course how tasty they are.

The weather was pretty bipolar most of the run, warm, cold, windy and not. Right after the bathroom stop it started to rain. I had 2.5 miles left and my arches were killing me. I started using the run/walk technique t mile 9.5. I called Sean and asked him to come pick me up to avoid having to walk up my hill.

Me at my bathroom stop, not so cute photo! How do you blogger's get such cute self photos?

Post run I made a huge smoothie! Oh smoothies how I love thee. Today's was protein powder, frozen raspberries, banana, coconut milk and Fage 0% Greek Yogurt. It was so yummy, I followed that up with a small cupcake and icing my knee and then both my arches. I have the Active Wrap for my knee, I love this product - the ice packs stay cold for so long that it allowed me to ice my knee and then both of my arches before having to put them back in the freezer.


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  1. Excellent! Yeah, it was kind of a spotty day, weather-wise. I passed back and forth through your course on my way to Costco! Got my cute boots at Famous Footwear behind Costco there. We're neighbors!

  2. Oh Costco - how I have a love hate relationship with thee. :) I am learning all the fun places to run around our town.

  3. Post-VSG surgery and post-smoking, I am finding my executive membership less valuable, haha. Today, I headed there to buy 1) edamame and 2) toilet paper. Of course I also bought yoga pants, two pairs of swim trunks for my son, a t-shirt for my son, blackberries, who knows what else. You just save so much money by shopping there. (deadpan look)

  4. Fantastic Jen! You did an 11-miler and you did it outside! I'm proud of you.

    I've recently bought an icepack after I started running longer than 1 hour and 45 minutes and it really helps.

    Did you ever try a gel for fuel?
    I like that more than things I have to chew on although I use them too on runs.

  5. Great run! I love my Active Wrap too!!

    Pssst... I tagged you in my blog post today...

  6. Thanks Jess! I will check it out!!!

  7. Great idea on the smoothie. I hadn't thought of that. What kinda protien powder??

  8. @ Heather - right now I am using EAS Whey Vanilla protien powder, I usually toss in some frozen fruit, greek yogurt and coconut milk.

  9. I'm sorry your 11 miler wasn't awesome, but you doing it makes YOU awesome.

    I use the self timer on my camera to get good shots. But, for every one I post there are probably 20 where I look like some deformed ewok or something.