Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

Happy Friday - this morning the scale and I could agreed again! I am down another 2lbs! Getting closer to my next goal level.

Stats now:
Height - 5'8"
Weight - 204
BMI - 31.0
Weight Status -Obese

My goal levels
- Next goal enter the forbidden forest - 5lbs (199lbs)
- Enter the "overweight" range for BMI - 8lbs (196lbs)
- 2011 Goal - 24lbs (180lbs)
- Ultimate Goal "Normal" BMI range - 40lbs (164lbs, I weighed 160 when I was 18)
Total weight loss - 85lbs

Hope everyone has a happy Friday! We are laying low for most of the weekend, my daughter has an Art Show/Fundraiser at her preschool Saturday which should be a blast for her. I do need to get in one last 8 mile run and I think the weather is going to behave. I hope I didn't just jinx myself.

Any big plans for the weekend? Any running plans?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just around the corner

Friday is just around the corner, only a few hours before the clock ticks over. It has been a rough week and I can't wait for the weekend. I think it is the slight chance that the weather is nice again this weekend! I would love to run my final 8 mile run before my half outside in the sunshine. Please weather gods allow it to be sunny this weekend, please. Honestly I have nothing to offer in return as I don't make promise I am unsure I can keep.

Tonight Sean put the little bug to bed and I headed to the treadmill for 60 minutes. Its strange how early in training I had no problem knocking out 10 miles on the treadmill, now that thought of 60 minutes makes me cringe. Its not even that I am exhausted or sore when running its just so much easier to give up, or jump off for a few seconds. I am excited for the weather to get better and for it to get lighter out sooner so I can start to run outside in the morning.

I am still looking for more runs for June - September so if you have any suggestions please leave me a comment.

Jumping on the bandwagon

3 Things Thursday:

1. Yesterday was supposed to be a cross training day, but by the end of the day I was exhausted and deemed it a rest day.  You just have to listen to your body sometimes after getting in bed by 9:30 PM this morning I am feeling much better and look forward to my 6 miler after work tonight.

2. On  another note I was featured on RunJodiRun Thumbs up Thursday! Thanks so much Jodi for wanting to feature me I seriously feel honored. Head over and check out her site, she is amazing.

3. I am on my second day of all day training at work, which means no stair climbing for me and well I am ok with it.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Breakfast yummm

First a recap on last night.  I headed to the gym to get my run in. I had wanted to run outside but it was raining, and not the usually Washington rain, but really coming down. Plus at the gym I get unlimited access to TV. We only have the local channels at home so its nice to get a little more channels to keep me entertained. I did 5.25 miles before heading home and realizing I only have 4 more planned runs on my training schedule before my half. FOUR more runs! How did it get here so quickly! The plan for today is actually to do an unplanned run of about 3-4 miles, I want to do some more speed intervals. Something about doing them just make me feel stronger, after that I am going to do an arm circuit and some ab work.

And on to breakfast talk - years ago I was not a breakfast person at all, well  unless you count a big bowl of sugar cereal or a Venti Latte full of fat. Since starting my weight loss journey I have come to embrace breakfast and actually enjoy it.  Coffee has been part of my breakfast since college - seriously those of you who live without it....I don't know how you do it.  My mother in law gave me this nifty travel mug for my birthday. It works perfectly with my Keurig coffee maker and saves me a ton of money not purchasing lattes. Of course since I stopped going to Starbucks so religious I have received 2 free coffee post cards......hmmmmm I wonder if they are tracking my every move. 

Lately breakfast has been a super smoothie, but today I opted for the super easy and portable Greek Yogurt and Granola! Delish!  I used to get these crust less quiche at Trader Joe's they were awesome and easy to reheat at work. But for the past 6 months I have not been able to find them when I go. Hopefully the will bring them back - they were amazing for breakfast.

Are you a breakfast person? What is your quick go to breakfast?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where did Monday go

Monday was a busy day for me, when I collapsed into bed I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. Well,  maybe not that fast, but I know my husband said he would be up in a few minutes and I was asleep before he came to bed. For a workout yesterday I did 45 minutes of cross training, but to keep my heart rate up I also did some stepping in between sets - so my workout looked like this:
Step for 5 minutes
Arms circuit
Step for 5 minutes
Step for 5 minutes
Step for 5 minutes
Arms circuit
Step for 5 minutes
Step for 5 minutes

The best part of this workout is it is easy to do while watching TV. Last night I was catching up on Amazing Race. Anyone else just love that show, if I was in better shape I think that is one show I would love to go on or maybe Big Brother.  After Amazing Race I turned on my guilty pleasure 90210 - anyone else watch?

Would you ever go on a TV show? What are your TV guilty pleasures?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

Saturday I set out on a run that I have wanted to take for a long time. The  run goes from my office in Issaqauh to Redmond, I figured it would be close to 9 miles. The day was beautiful for Washington mid 60s. I carried my water as I knew that there would be no stops. It started out ehh, but that is pretty normal for the first 3 miles, then I felt like I hit my stride from 3-6 and after that well lets just miserable. I was thankful for the water I carried and was surprised that it didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. My average pace was 13:39 for 8.75 miles. I want to blame it on the gravel trail I ran on and on the weather but I don't know it could have just been me over confident. When I reached the meeting spot the temperature read out at 67 degrees on the warmest run this year.

Sunday - Happy Easter!  My daughter woke up at 6:30AM all ready to hunt for eggs and to make sure the Easter bunny had stopped by.  Let just say that made me extremely tired for the rest of the day.  After our Easter dinner, I decided I should hit the treadmill and knock out a few miles. I ran 3.25 doing intervals between 5mph and 6mph per quarter lap. It felt great to get my legs moving after yesterdays bomb of a run.

Not the best picture but I tested out my outfit for the half marathon. I actually wore it the past two runs to make sure that it was right and I am really happy with it.

Friday, April 22, 2011

One big ham

I am not talking about what is on my Eater menu for this weekend. Instead about my race photos from Sunday.  I was determined to get a decent photo. The weather was nice and it was a perfect day for a run. I noticed the one lone camera man right after mile 5, around mile 2 for the 5K walkers. This was part of the course that was tough as the 5K and 10K joined together.  Photo's are from Brightroom
A mister camera man there you are

A smile how about a tongue

ok - did you get the shot

Now back to the business of running

I will look like a runner, I will, I will
What is your take on Race Photos? Ham it up or all business?

Weekly Weigh In

Happy Friday - this morning the scale and I could agreed! This is the first time in a few weeks, I had a gain last week and now I need to work to get myself back on track. I am still up a little for where I was but I am dealing with that and working towards the ultimate goal.   I have to say it is tough to lose weight and train for a race. You really have to stay on top of your calorie intake and plan them for those long run days when you know you are going to be hungry!  I know last week I said I was keeping goal levels secret - but I need to get it out in the open, I need to reset for my gain and move forward.  To help to hold myself accountable, to not let myself slip back into old habits.

Stats now:
Height - 5'8"
Weight - 206
BMI  - 31.3
Weight Status -Obese

My "reset" goal levels.
- Next goal enter the forbidden forest - 7lbs (199lbs)
- Enter the "overweight" range for BMI - 10lbs (196lbs)
- 2011 Goal - 26lbs (180lbs)
- Ultimate Goal "Normal" BMI range - 42lbs (164lbs, I weighed 160 when I was 18)
- Total weight loss - 83lbs

Whats left on my to do list for this week:
- run, run, run -  I want to run a short distance tonight and at least 6 miles tomorrow - hopefully more
- Stairs

Today's motivation

Thursday, April 21, 2011

This week

This week is not going as planned and I am trying to recover but I am just emotionally drained and don't know if I can.

Yesterday the plan was simple - take my daughter to the dentist, take her to preschool, run, relax and do my thing. Instead things happened and I didn't get to run until 8PM last night. By that time I was emotionally drained and my body just didn't want to move. I told myself 20 minutes, but ended up walking for 60. I am frustrated by my lack of commitment but my body just wouldn't move it.

Last night I was attempting to do my Jelly Bean Virtual 10K and ended up with a 5K. You can tell by my before photo that I am totally not into it. My half is in 16 days and I feel like I need to get a few more long runs in.

Things I still need to complete this week for my training -
Run - 2x  - Since I only got 4 miles in yesterday I need more mileage.
Stairs - 2x - I have to do this today.
Cross Train - 1x

I have no idea how I am going to accomplish that! Something is going to have to give.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Did you see

This morning Disney announced a Tinker Bell half Marathon Weekend at DisneyLand Resort.

So much easier to travel to DisneyLand then DisneyWorld for us West Coasters.  While I have already noticed lots of complaints from people, why no full Marathon, why no goofey being offered - I honestly don't care as I would only be interested in the half anyways. This is tempting!

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Plan

Yesterday, I started week 10 of my half marathon training, it started great with my first 10K, and  completeing 1 of my 3 scheduled runs for the week.
My goals this week are similar to last week:
Run - 2x (11M & 6M)
Stairs - 2x (2x a day)
Cross Train - 2x (get my booty to the gym)

However with Easter being Sunday and our day already filled with things to do, I think I might move my Sunday long run to Saturday. Of course it is only Monday, so I really need to see how the week is going to play out.
Congrats to all those amazing runners in the 2011 Boston Marathon, may your run be everything you hope for.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bellevue 10K Run

Today was my first official 10K race. I have completed this distance in half training, and I signed up for a 10K last year but never ran it. I woke up at 6:45AM this morning to eat some oatmeal and a banana before taking of shortly after 7AM. Thankfully the race was pretty close to my house so I arrived and was parked by 7:25AM. This provided me plenty of time to check out the sponsors, stretch and use the bathroom.

I love when the race alphabetizes the list - I usually end up with a pretty cool race number. I have started putting my number on my leg as it was 40 degree's when we started but I knew I was going to get hot and need to take off my coat a few miles in. While I was waiting for the race to start I realized that I need to go to the bathroom again, but figured I would tough it out. The race started out with an incline and continued to have ups and downs the entire race.

Around mile 2 I may or may not of jumped into so bushes to pee. Of course going pee 5x from the time I got up to the time the race started was not enough! There was enough of a break of the people behind me that I was able to get the job done and jump back onto the route mildly undetected. I guess that is an advantage to being on the slower side. At mile 3 NUUN had a water station set up and their were port-a-potty's I just don't think I would have been able to make it there.

The race actually went pretty well, until mile 5 when we combined with the 5Kers, and I spent the rest of the time weaving in between the strollers and 4-5 people wide walkers. I am not complaining but it was a little challenging to keep the motivation while feeling like I was playing frogger. According to Ms. Gia (my garmin) I completed the 1 hour and 18 minutes. I just checked the offical site and times have not been posted yet. Either way I am happy with my overall performance an average moving pace of 12:20.

After grabbing some water and a petie vanilla scone - thank you Starbucks for being a sponsor. I headed to my car and was home by 10AM.
Me in all my hotness post race
I picked up new shoes Asics 2150's on Friday and wore them on this race. During the run I had very little pain in my arches and my right knee only hurt on some of the downhills. As I sit here several hours later my arches do ache but not nearly as bad as the did with my last pair of shoes. I hope that these one will work out for the long run.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A-ha moment

While reading blogs this afternoon I stumbled on Michelle Goes Running and started checking out her blog.  What caught my eye first was the Seattle Troll she had listed in her Photo Canvas Giveaway. If you have never been to Seattle, you may or may not know what the Troll is. Basically its this huge carving that resides under a bridge in Seattle.  Its a great tourist stop, or hang out for bored college or high school kids - not that I ever visited it when I was in college....uhmmm ok where was I.


As I was exploring her blog I stumbled on this post and loved it.  She made so many good points about knowing your own body and your limits! The photo she include really hit the nail on the head for me.  It was one of those light bulb moments. You know it, but when you read it - You can't out exercise a bad diet!!! - you go yes of course! I can workout all I want but if I eat crappy I will not lose weight.  You have known this all along, but seeing it written so simply it's your  Aha moment!

Friday Funny

Hazel's Kisses Giveaway Winner is

The winner of the amazing, beautiful  Hazel’s Kisses giveaway for the Radiance in a Box  is:

Victoria Elizabeth @ Finding Happiness in Heath

Thank you to all who entered.  Victoria email me at runnermaybe(@)hotmaill(.)com with your address and I will pass it along to Hazel's Kisses. 

What not to do

Do you want to know what not do the night before your official weekly weigh in.......well that would be go to Red Robin and eat chicken stripes and french fries with the family. Some days I just can't resist the good 'ole fried chicken strip. I was even good and only ate two, but I can tell all the grease and fried part has impacted my weigh in this morning and for that reason I will not be sharing. Let's just say I have some hard work ahead of me to get to my next goal of entering the world of having a one at the front of my weight. I am so close. With that said I need to really focus and reach this goal - I am at the point where I usually fail and gain back 15lbs and start the struggle all over again. 

Yesterday was a cross train day - the first part of that is walking the steps at work. I go up and down 5 flights 3 times. My inner dialogue:

First time up - just give up who cares
Second time up - really you are doing this again, really.
Third time - You know it would be more entertaining if they decorated the stairwells...hmmmm what could I do.

The second time I tackled the stairs all three trips up I was planning how I would decorate the stair walls to make it more enjoyable. I am not sure my work would appreciate my design, but its so boring looking at  white walls for 5 flights. 

Last night I need to get some more leg work in so I turned on a recorded show and proceeded to torture myself with a variety of lunges squats, wall squats, regular squats, knee ups, chair dips and ab work!

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I will be running my first official 10K this weekend the  Bellevue Run. Do you have any runs planned fr the weekend?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Three Toe Nails

Instead of jumping on the Three Things Thursday, I am going to tell you about my horrible 3 black toe nails. Don't worry there will be no photos included in this post.

On my left foot, second toe - this is the one that always turns black when I run. This is probably the 3 or 4th time it has turned black from running, no matter what shoes or socks I wear.

On the right foot, middle toe - this one changed a few weeks back, thankfully its not all the way black just grayish.

On the right foot, second toe - this one turned last night, I was wearing my green stripped knee high socks from target and ran 3 miles on the treadmill. When I was done my toe was hurting and when I removed my sock.....hello black toe!

After scouring the Internet for reasons why this would happen, I think it is related to the socks that I was wearing, because I know my toe's do not hit the end of my shoes. Now I need to find socks that work. I have one pair of  Balega socks that work, but with only having one pair I usually save them for my longer runs. Looks like I may need to invest in some more socks this weekend.

What kind of socks do you wear for running?

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Afternoon Snack

I love Greek Yogurt! More specifically I love Chobani Blueberry Greek Yogurt! I love it so much that I eat it daily! I also use plain in my smoothies, but I think this is the best snack ever. I am a Greek Yogurt rebel though and I mix it up before I eat it. I was told that is not the proper way to eat Greek Yogurt but I don't care it taste delicious when it is all swirled together. I even matched my water bottle to it - well that wasn't planned by this is my go to water bottle for work. Its the perfect size and I usually fill it up 3-4 times in one day. I find that if I use a larger bottle I don't drink it as fast, and anything smaller then 16oz just pisses me off because I have to get up more to fill it up.

Whats your favorite yogurt? Do you add things to it? I like to add granola, but when counting calories that isn't always the best option.  If I just have plain yogurt left I have to add fruit to it, I have heard that canned pumpkin is a good combo also, but I have not tried it yet. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two Things on Tuesday

  1. Completed my stair at work today. I had to really talk myself when it came to round two. Round one was rough and my lungs were burning. Round two was a bit easier. Each round consisted of walking up 5 floors and back down 3x - for a total of 342 stairs going up and 342 stairs coming down.

    For reference, there are 1,860 steps from street level to 102nd floor of the Empire State Building, so I would need to complete this task 5.4 times to reach the top of the Empire State Building by stairs. My goal is each week is to walk the stairs 2 times a week and 2 times, up and down 3 times - for a total of up warding climbing of 684. In one week my total number of stairs will not reach the 102nd floor on the Empire State Building.  I might look a bit to excited for walking up stairs or maybe I am just wild eyed!
  2. Today is the second day in a row that the sun has been out! For those outside of the Seattle area - this comic pretty much represents our weather pattern - Seattle Weather.  I should really go run outside tonight after work, but I don't see that happening until it gets dark. I think I will hit up the gym instead its been a while since I have been there.  I need to get one of two workouts done tonight - run 6 miles or try out my new leg work out, not sure what I am going to do yet.
I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday- did you get a chance to cross any items of your to-do list today?

Queue Award Show Music

You know the music they use when they are trying to push you off the stage becuase your acceptance speak is going to long.

I feel honored to be such a new blogger and get called out by Run with Jess for the Stylish blogger Award.  You know that look that all pageant winners get when the find out that one, that look of disbelief yet absolute excitement….well that is me. Ok not really but you know you want to go practice your pageant winner reaction now!
Stylish Blogger Award rules:  Once awarded, you must share 7 random things about yourself, the more bizarre and random, the better from what I read.   Then of course, immediately give away the award by tagging other Stylish Bloggers. So here we go  lets see if I can even think of 7 things about myself. 
  • Dont tell anyone - but I really don’t like running, I do it because it is about the only workout that can make me sweat. I have challenged personal trainers in the past to make me sweat during the workout and I even then I was closing to passing out but not sweating.  I want to like it, I really do.
  • I have no spleen. It ruptured when I was in a car accident when I was 18.
  • I mostly wear dark colors, I think they years of being overweight have made me shy away from bright colors – although I do like accents like red shoes.
  • I hardly ever style my hair and I actually get compliments on it frequently. Not to boost my ego or anything, but I am lazy and if my hair is not in a ponytail then I let it dry naturally and I guess people like  - even though I think it looks messy.
  • I once gave up COFFEE for 6 months, but after a few weeks I quickly switched to Chai Tea Lattes – no I am madly in love with my Kuerig coffee maker. Not only did this help my pocket book, but it keeps me sane.  I am a coffee addict.
  • I hate Wal-Mart – I can’t get past their business ethics to shop at one – even if it means saving money. I have shopped there on 3-4 occasions only when there was no other option.
  • I am a loud person! My husband is always asking me to speak quitter or telling me I am loud. I don’t even notice it.
How do you pick other stylish bloggers that is tough! I have a long Blog Roll and try to check them out at least once a week if not more. They all give me different levels of motivation, encouragement and of course make me smile. To make it easier on my I am going to give a shout out to a few Pacific Northwest Bloggers - check them out.

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    Monday, April 11, 2011

    Just another Manic Monday

    I have not heard this song in forever, but it is stuck in my head this morning - so I thought I would share. I am surprisingly not that sore this morning after the 11 miles yesterday. My arches are still hurting, but nothing a little Advil won't help. This week I need to continue to run outside, but I also need to get some leg work in. By the end of 11 miles yesterday I felt like they couldn't carry me any more. The plan is to add some strength training in by sneaking away tot he gym 2x this week and trying to walk the stairs at work 2x.

    Looks like the week doing everything twice this week:
    Runs - 2x
    Stairs - 2x
    Cross Train - 2x

    How is your Monday treating you? Don't forget to Check out my I Feel Pretty Giveaway - ends April 15th!

    Sunday, April 10, 2011

    Figure 8 - 11 Miler

    It kind of looks like a figure 8 right? To bad it was 11 miles - oh 11 way do you treat me this way. I actually didn't think I was doing to bad, I stopped with at mile 7 for water, then again a few miles later to use the bathroom. Thank goodness for the library being on my route. I used the Jelly Beans for fuel and I really liked how easy they were to carry and of course how tasty they are.

    The weather was pretty bipolar most of the run, warm, cold, windy and not. Right after the bathroom stop it started to rain. I had 2.5 miles left and my arches were killing me. I started using the run/walk technique t mile 9.5. I called Sean and asked him to come pick me up to avoid having to walk up my hill.

    Me at my bathroom stop, not so cute photo! How do you blogger's get such cute self photos?

    Post run I made a huge smoothie! Oh smoothies how I love thee. Today's was protein powder, frozen raspberries, banana, coconut milk and Fage 0% Greek Yogurt. It was so yummy, I followed that up with a small cupcake and icing my knee and then both my arches. I have the Active Wrap for my knee, I love this product - the ice packs stay cold for so long that it allowed me to ice my knee and then both of my arches before having to put them back in the freezer.


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    Saturday, April 9, 2011

    Spring has sprung....or maybe not

    Friday was a beautiful day! I left work an hour early to run home and get the jogging stroller before picking up Evie from preschool. Once I had her we headed down to the Seattle waterfront. Sean's work is pretty much on the waterfront and he had planned to work late so I thought it would be a perfect time for Evie and I to play in the sun.  Seattle has this awesome art park and trail along the water that is great for entertaining the little one while getting in some exercises. We played and walked around for about 2.5 hours before walking to get some dinner. After eating we picked up take out for the hubs and headed back to pick him up.
    Today was a rest day for me, we just finished dinner and I am mentally preparing myself for an 11 mile run tomorrow. Of course I checked the weather report and it is calling for 90% chance of rain! This might be a lonely wet run, as we won't take the little one out with us for a wet run. I could hop on the treadmill, but I am really trying to do my long runs outside.

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    Friday, April 8, 2011

    I feel pretty, oh so pretty

    That’s right it is giveaway time!  After seeing my review of Hazel’s Kisses the owner of the Etsy shop has offered up the Radiance in a Box as a giveaway to my wonderful blog followers.

    This collection comes with two pairs of our sweet blooming 10mm rose earrings on antique brass backings with coordinating copper bobby pins. They would look just darling in an Easter basket, a special gift for Mother's Day, or just perfect for coordinating a bridal party.

    You will have the option to select from the following flowers – get a matching set or pick a different flower for each item, the choice is yours.

    Ivory Rose
    Red Rose
    Gray Rose
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    Lavender Rose
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    Light Peach Rose
    Lemon Ice Rose
    Coral Mum

    Four ways to enter, do one or do them all: 
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    Good luck,  a winner will be selected by on Friday April 15th 9AM PST, might as well make someone a winner on tax day.

    Pot O'Gold

    Thursday I found time to run outside. The plan was to run 6 miles, I have a out and back run that my husband named the Newport Express. I don't particular like the run as it has these rolling, slight inclines - I have determined I am a flat road runner. :) If only that would work for all runs.  I was about to my halfway mark when it started to rain, I wondered if I was going to get soaked and decided to turn around a little early since the weather has been so unpredictable in our area. Wednesday night it snowed.
    About 10 minutes after I started to head back I saw this:

    The end of the rainbow was pretty much pointing to my house! Ahh the Pot O'Gold, the sweet spot where I really wanted to be. I picked up my pace a little and headed for home.  I giggled as I was trying to force myself to run faster, as I just kept seeing the slogan "This IS my race pace", I have yet to establish a race pace, but I am trying to increase my speed without burning out to quickly.

    Time - 1:15:39
    Distance - 5.65
    Pace - 13:47

    In other news:
    This weeks - Weekly Weigh In - was a little disappointing, I am up 1lb. I am going to blame that on the amazing birthday weekend I had last week. At the beginning of the week I was up much much more so I will take that one pound if I must. I am not going to recap my goals as next week I hope to drop this one pound plus a little more.

    One last thing - check back later today for a new Giveaway!

    Thursday, April 7, 2011


    I think I am about to start hyperventilating. I just looked at my half ticker and I only have 30 days……30 days! I feel so behind. The farthest I have run is 10 miles and that was a sad sad run. Why do I feel like I am behind? I have been sticking to my training schedule for the most part, I have not been cross training as much as I would have liked. I still haven’t figured out the outfit that I want to wear? I need to figure out my gear and maybe I would feel better.

    What I have:
    What I need:
     New shoes
    Top  - just sent one back and ordered a new one hoping this tank will work

    Maybe List:
    Compression Socks
    Running Skirt w/ capri’s
    I think that is it right? I have a jacket if I need it but I am usually a furnace when I run so I am thinking I will start without a coat. I need to get all my gear so that I can try it in a run, the things I already have I know work up to 10 miles without any major wardrobe malfunctions.

    Am I missing anything? What are your must haves for your races?

    Oh and speaking of races, any one near WA have some recommendations for June - Sept? I have nothing planed yet. I have always wanted to run the Seafair Torchlight Run, but it falls on my daughters birthday this year. Looking for 5K - maybe another half marathon, if I survive  my first I will consider a second.

    Everyone wants to feel pretty

    Not about running, but everyone wants to feel pretty whether they are covered in sweat or headed to work. These earrings are the perfect touch to any outfit. Yesterday I received some new earrings in the mail form Hazel's Kisses.  I ordered 3 pairs - the grey, red and cream colors.  but here is the Grey pair on!

    I am normally not a big earring person, but these are just too cute not wait to put these in today. When my daughter saw them she said - oooohhhhh pretty mommy! I also noticed that she just added some hair pins and drop earrings to her site - I can't wait to order more.  Check her out on Etsy - Here and on Facebook - Here.

    *disclaimer - these are my thoughts and comments, I did not receive these products free or was a I paid to write this*

    Tuesday, April 5, 2011

    I lied

    I said I was going to run outside, even if it meant in the rain. Well I lied - I had planned to run outside, but my husband suggested I run on the treadmill since my foot was still hurting. That way if I was in to much pain I wouldn't have to call for help or limp back home. I will say that was a good call - I only completed 4 of my 6 miles and actually walked most of it.

    As I ice my ankle right now I hope that I am able to run my full 6 I have planned for Thursday, who knows maybe I will get to run outside.

    Do you enjoy running in the rain?

    Monday, April 4, 2011

    Stairs = no fun

    Some workouts I would actually put into the category as fun, walking stairs goes in to the no fun space. After reading Free Julie for a while I came to the realization that if she can walk stairs at work, that I could do the stairs also. I dislike stairs very much, but my building isn’t that tall only 5 floors.  With Julies help I figured out that Stairs + landing + Stairs equals 1 flight. This means that if I go down to the garage and all the way up to the 5th floor I will have walked 5 flights of stairs:

    The first flight is a little short - 9 stairs + mid-landing + 9 stairs (18 stairs)
    The remaining 4 are - 12 stairs + mid-landing + 12 stairs (24 stairs x4 = 96 stairs)
    Total stairs going up 18+96 = 114 Stairs

    On my lunch break today I went up and down them 2x, the second time I was out of breath when I reached the top.  Walking down is nice, it’s like a little recovery before you send yourself back up the stairs for more punishment.

    This afternoon my work brought cake to celebrate April birthdays, since I was the only birthday who was I to refuse cake. So I swapped out my afternoon Greek Yogurt snack for chocolate cake. A few minutes after that I decided I should go walk the stairs, and this time I was going to time myself. I went up and down 2x in 5:41 – I guess I now I have my baseline for doing stairs at work. I don’t know if I will commit to everyday, but at least 2 -3 times a week.

    The rain is back

    Yesterday I declared that I was going to do all my runs outside the rest of the week and then the rain came back. The 5 day forecast calls for Rain, Rain, Showers, Showers oh and a little more rain. I hate running in the rain, hate, hate, hate it, but I will do it. I know that I need to do it so I will just have to run it out.
    Yesterday I completed my 10 miles and I have 2 more runs planned this week both 6 miles. I may try to get a 2-3 mile run in there also just to keep my legs moving. Besides that I want to do some yoga or the XStretch DVD - I feel like my body just needs it.

    This morning was rough getting up, I went to bed about 9:30 last night and when the alarm went off I wanted to stay in bed. The inside of both my ankles are hurting. The left one for an unknown reason, maybe my shoes and the right one since I rolled it yesterday.  I was already thinking my shoes were not providing enough support in the arches for the longer distance.  I have had them for a while, but I have only put about 160 miles on them with running, but I think with my weight they are just breaking down sooner. They still look in great shape, but I can tell they are losing their support.  Tine to look for some new shoes.

    Sunday, April 3, 2011

    Terrrible Ten

    Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wish! One of my wonderful presents I received for my birthday is a Garmin 405CX, I had requested the 305 but my husband felt it was to big for my arm.  My husband and dad went in on it and we picked it up at Costco yesterday afternoon! After a lovely dinner I spent the rest of the evening setting up the Garmin.

    Today we headed to Snohomish to drop the Evie off at the in laws. They live pretty close to the Centennial Trail so we had them drop us off at the trail. It was a cool day for a run and we had some headwind, but it was nice path. Everything started out well, I was able to take a potty break at parking lot along the path around mile 4, my knee was starting to bother me and my left arch was aching little. At mile 6 we stopped for some water and split a Cliff bar - the remaining 4 were really hard for me. I was tired and defiantly under fueled for the distance.  Besides the Cliff bar we had some jelly beans, but they were gone by mile 6. At mile 7 I told my husband, only 3 miles left I can do this. He decided to take off and go at race pace for a while and of course right before mile 8 I stumbled and rolled my right ankle. I was trying to stay on the end of the trail and my foot just slipped off the pavement and rolled. I was able to run a little more, so I was doing a run/walk, by mile 9.3 I was in a lot of pain with my knee and my rolled foot on the same leg I walked the remaining distance. My pace was a lot slower then I wanted it to be, I was hoping to keep a 12 minute pace. I will say this was a reality check for me. I knocked out 10 miles on the treadmill in 2 hours last week and felt great. This week outside it was tough, but it gave me a lot to work on in the weeks to come. My goal is to stay off the treadmill for my longer runs and get the miles done outside.

    Distance - 10 miles
    Time - 2:16:35
    Pace - 13:20

    Saturday, April 2, 2011

    Happy Birthday to me!

    I am offically another day older! You might ask what is the plan for the newly 33 year old. And the anwser is not much, watch my lovely booger face (a.ka. Evie) at ballet, do a little shopping for new running gadgets in the afternoon with  my Dad. Then dinner at The Melting Pot. We have never been there as my husband is allergic to cheese, so I always felt like it would be mean to take him. Someone explained that they have other dips to cook in, so I said what the heck lets try it, it is my birthday after all! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

    Friday, April 1, 2011

    Red Robin - yummm

    Red Robin before 6 miles - not so yumm!  I waited a few hours after eating to run, but dinner sat like a log in my stomach.

    Show Watched: Greys Anatomy
    Distance -  6 4  Miles
    Time - 47 minutes
    Pace - 11:45

    I need to head off to bed, since I am going to age overnight!

    Funny Friday

    I love a good comic! I was checking out the recent April Fools Cards when I stumbled across these at Some Cards.

    March Recap and Weigh In

    As a new running blogger I have enjoyed reading monthly recaps or highlights. So here is my attempt at recapping the month of March.

    March Accomplishments
    • One race completed - St Patricks Day Dash a PR for me 45:33.
    • Best Pace -  11:08
    • Farthest Distance - 10.09 miles
    • In March I ran 66 Miles
    • Lost a couple of lbs
    • Wore my first running skirt
    April Goals
    • Farthest Distance - 12 Miles
    • Best Pace -  11:00
    • Total Miles - per the plan 100
    • Lose a few more lbs
    All of these goal are obtainable, I am a little scared about the extra mileage but I am following the plan and it has me running long runs on sundays and 6 miles on the other two days for the month of April. I will see how it goes but may split a 6 mile run into two days. We will see what April brings.

    Now for the fun stuff the weekly weigh in results are in........scale roll please  - my attempt at a lame joke. :) Down 1lb this week.

    My goal levels:
    - Next goal enter the forbidden forest - 5lbs (I have not been in the one hundreds in way to long - at least 10 years or more)
    - Enter the "overwieght" range for BMI - 9lbs
    - 2011 Goal - 24lbs
    - Ultimate Goal "Normal" BMI range - 40lbs

    Total weight loss in 2011 - 12lbs
    Total weight loss - 85lbs