Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Update

Saturday was a scheduled rest day. We did spend some time working out our wallets at Costco this weekend. I am now a proud owner of a KUERIG and I am in LOVE!!!!!! Thanks Sean for instant coffee at my finger tips.

Sunday the plan was for 7 miles, and we had mapped our a route on Saturday and took off running today. It was a rolling hill run, slight inclines on the way out, which made for a much easier run on the way back. Sean was pushed Evie in the BOB-a-sourace - she was entertained for the hour and half by her beloved Max and Ruby on the DVD player.  My knee started hurting shortly after the first mile but I was able to push through it and make it. Had to take a few stops for water and to control a coughing fits, but overall it was a pretty good run.
A photo courtesy of Sean, he was working his intervals again, waiting for me to catch up. He told me that he thinks I need to get some mace to carry when I run, after a strange guy walking on the other side of the road crossed over and decided to race up behind me before turning around. No idea why he would do that.  My theory in the past is no one was going to bother the overweight girl out working out when they could bother the skinny girl a few mile ahead of me. I know that sounds terrible, but I guess I need to take my safety when out running a little more serious.  Week 4 of half marathon training is on 1 of 3 runs complete.


  1. Great run on Sunday!

    That guy certainly is weird.

    I live in a safe area so I'm never afraid when I go out for a run and always run outside my village. I do bring my phone every time I go for a run but that's more because I want to call the hub in case I might get injured during a run.

  2. Great job on the run!

    If there aren't a ton of people or cars on your route, pepper spray might be a good idea. You can buy a small can at :)