Saturday, March 26, 2011

Uneventful couple of days

Friday I didn't get a workout in as planned, Saturday my plan called for 2 miles, before then 10 I have planned for Sunday.  I took off while Sean took Evie to ballet and ended up cutting it a little short. The start of my run is downhill and that is really hard on my knee. I ended up getting 1.66 miles in and Sean and are going to check out new route for our 10 tomorrow because the route we have planned has a lot of rolling hills in it and I am not sure my knee can handle the ups and down.

The fan part of today I received my first running skirt in the mail. A dear friend sent me a text and asked if she wanted to pick me up a Champion brand skirt for $4.24 on clearance at Target. I told her sure, send it it to me. I got it today and plan to wear it over my Lululemon capri's tomorrow. If it doesn't workout I can always slip it off during the run.

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