Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sick kid, no workout

My adorable little Genevieve "Evie" has not been feeling well. Which in turn makes for rough nights. What is it about a child that makes it near impossible for a mom to sleep. Every move or sound she makes wakes me up. She started getting a pretty bad cough over the weekend, and taking a nap each day should have been a sign to me that she was getting sick.

Monday we came home from work/daycare she just wanted to lay in my bed. I was able to get the occasional giggle out of her with the help of the Alvin an the Chipmunks DVD. But otherwise she was pretty miserable, so miserable that she was tossing and talking in her sleep all night Monday night keeping me awake. Eventually around 1AM I crawled into her twin bed and cuddle her until my alarm went off at 5:30AM Tuesday morning. 

Tuesday I had planned to get 5 miles in and the weather was perfect for a run, but after work the buglet needed more mommy time. I told Sean well after I get her to bed I will head to the gym and get my workout on. By 8:30PM I was exhausted and instead of hitting the gym I hit my pillow.   This morning I woke up feeling much better, but when the alarm went off at 4AM, I hit snooze several times. There went my morning workout. The plan now is after work to have Sean take care of dinner for him and Evie and for me to have a date with the treadmill and recorded TV. So I missed one cross training workout this week, not that big of deal I will get my 5 miles in today, 3 miles in tomorrow, rest on Friday, an easy 2 on Saturday and then the big 10 miler on Sunday. I am still scared for this, but I have a route picked out and keep telling myself that I can and will complete it.

Its supposed to be nice here for the next couple of days. Hopefully I can get a at least one run outside before Sunday. Are you having good weather in your area today?


  1. You can do the 10 miles, Jen! I've been at home with a sick kid, too. I feel your pain. You would think that things would be better when they're 12 years old vs. a preschooler....but it's not. lol

  2. It really does stink when the kiddos get sick! I can totally relate. Don't sweat the missed run, just go out there and kill it on Sunday!!! It's been nice here this week, but cold weather is rolling in as I type.

  3. Hope Evie is feeling better by now.

    You can do those 10 miles Jen, I know you can.
    I did my first 2 weeks ago and was a little scared too but I did it. Just start and don't think you have to do 10 miles but break it up in miles. You can do 1 mile, after that you can do another and before you know it you've nailed 10 of them. Good luck!

  4. Hope she's doing better! That's always tough when the kiddos are sick.