Thursday, March 31, 2011

The rain has cleared

But my treadmill was near. The rain has stopped for a few hours, but I just don't have it in me to run outside tonight. I know that I should have but I am a wimp! I need to live in a warmer state - I love the heat. I love the rare heat waves that we get where everyone else is complaining I am baking cookies and enjoying the warmth for the short period of time that we have it.

Today the plan called for 5 miles, well yesterday the plan called for 5 miles - but unexpected events kept me from working out. However today I did my best to knock it out, I didn't feel like I hit my stride until 3 miles, then the last two miles felt good.

Distance -  5.29 Miles
Time - 60 minutes
Pace - 11:26


  1. Nice run! Way to get it done on the treadmill, excellent pace. It seems to always take me at least a mile (if not two) to hit my stride, good job keeping with it. I'm getting ready for the heat...Texas has plenty of heat!!

  2. awesome run, girl! that is seriously kick-butt!