Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hello new world

Yesterday I decided to just skip my normal workout. My knee was still bothering me from my run on Sunday and overall I was tired.  Some days I think you need to just take a day off. Of course when I do I start to worry about my weight loss. While I am learning to become a runner, I am also focused on my weight loss. Which as any distance runner can tell you can be difficult because after a long run you are hungry! I mean hungry as in eat everything you see. My dad would call that the SEE-Food diet, yup a crony joke for you there. It has taken me a lot of practice to control my eating as soon as I am done with a run to not blow all my calories I just burned. My go to meal post run is a smoothie, I toss in some coconut milk, protein powder, frozen berries and a banana and I am good to go Sunday I even mixed in some Greek yogurt! It was delicious and helped fight the post run hunger. The smoothie did help wash down the giant sugar cookie also, but since my husband was eating piece of German Chocolate Cake, I figured one cookie was a perfect match to the smoothie.

The good part about weight loss - NEW CLOTHING!!! Years ago I read an article that was a good bye to Lane Bryant and all other Plus Size stores, I told myself when I read that article that I couldn't wait for the day to say that. I can comfortable say good bye to them now. I haven't shopped in one in at least 6 months, and I am even started shopping in what I like to call "Normal" stores like Banana Republic, or what I used to refer to as the skinny girl store and the store to get me bye until I reach my goal weight Target....but in the normal section. My husband will tell you that I have no desire to shop, and while I may act that way its not true. The problem is this whole new worlds is open to me and honestly I don't know what to pick! I often feel overwhelmed with all these options for clothing.