Wednesday, March 9, 2011


1998 my step mom was training to run the Honolulu Marathon. She was always a jogger/runner but it was a challenge for her to work up to this distance. Along the way she broke her big toe, as you can imagine this caused her to worry about her training. She was working with the Team in Training group and they suggested water jogging and biking to keep her endurance up. In November my dad and my step mom were hit by a drunk driver, a car accident that would eventually take her life in November of 2001. 

Team in Training was great  the told my Dad that if anyone wanted to run in her place in the years to come that the could, since she had reached her donation levels for the trip. Several years later my Dad decided that he wanted to run the Maui Marathon in honor of his wife. On March 18, 2001 my father running in  the 45-49 Male division completed his first Marathon in 5:28:29. Not only did he raise enough money through Team in Training, but he was able to move some of his donations to other team members.

I am currently not fundraising, but there are many that are so I would like to share a few:

AmyD - March of Dimes  - 3.2 mile Walk
Lindsay  - Team in Training - San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon
Maria - Team in Training - Cleveland Rite Aid Half Marathon
Amy - Team in Training -  San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon

The GIVEAWAY that I have this week is to support Amy's TNT efforts, enter below!


  1. That's so beautiful your Dad did that to honor his wife! I follow a blog who did team in training too and I love the concept about it.

    For me it's sometimes difficult to donate because I'm in Holland and I only contribute to bloggers who are regularly followers of my blog and whose blog I read all the time. So far I've helped two bloggers out with a donation.

  2. That's so sweet of you to post this, and amazing what your Dad did! Actually, I remember you saying on MB so long ago that your Dad had done that marathon through TNT and it's what got me to go to my first meeting with them and sign up for San Fran last year :) I don't think I ever told you that!

  3. I love the way your Dad chose to show his respect to your Mom.

    I am a big supporter of March of Dimes. My March of Dimes post.

  4. I think that is so great that you are having the giveaway to support TnT. I've been with TnT for over 2 years now and can't say enough good things about them! Rock on!