Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Frozen Watermelon = AWESOME

On the way home my buglet fell asleep in the car, with Sean home this gave me the perfect time to jump on the treadmill. I asked him to take care of dinner for himself while I ran. He ordered pizza while I changed.

My date on the treadmill started out easy and as usual I had the Biggest Loser to keep me entertained. I knocked out my 5 miles in 57:32. When I was done Evie and Sean were watching a movie munching on some pizza. I stretched and  used my Active Wrap to ice my knee and then made the best smoothie ever!

A few weeks ago I cut up and froze a watermelon as it was a little soft and Evie wasn't going to eat it all before it went bad. I mixed coconut milk, protein powder, frozen watermelon and a few blueberries. All I can say is YUM! This is officially one of my favorites for the summer, heck of he spring.


  1. Hey thats the same way I take care of dinner.
    Way to get your run in

  2. Oh I LOVE watermelon. Elijah wanted me to buy it a few weeks ago. It definitely was not sweet enough for me, but he ate the whole quarter in one day. Cannot wait for it to be in season.

  3. wow the watermelon thing sounds interesting! oh, now i'm daydreaming about sunday!