Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Recap

Weekly Weigh In:  Down one more pound this week. I couldn't be happier since I have missed a few workouts feeling bad this week.

Distance away from next goal levels:
Next Goal  -2bs
Enter the Onederland  - 8lbs
No longer in the obese BMI range - 12lbs
2011 Goal -  28lbs
Ultimate Goal high end of normal BMI range - 43lbs

Total weight loss in 2011 - 9lbs
Total weight loss - 82lbs

The Run: I headed to the gym today to get my 5 mile tempo run, the problem is with this cold every time I got running I would have coughing fit. I ended up doing a walk/run combo just to keep my coughing to a minimum. Since I had some extra time I decided to sit in the dry sauna after my workout and it was heavenly.

I have been debating getting a pedicure for weeks. My feet really need one, but I was afraid that I would get blisters the first long run after getting one. I went for it anyways, heck a girl needs to pamper herself when she is feeling sick right.  So what do you think will I be getting blisters on my 7 milers on Sunday? I really hope not, but they will be worth it if I do.


  1. A pedicure is a great idea - a good way to reward yourself without involving food. I could use one myself....

  2. Yay! Great job on the minus a pound!!! Shoot, if it were me I would be down a pound after having a pedicure-toenails and callous skin!!! EWE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sick, sorry! Gross! I just grossed myself out!! =)

    Thanks for entering my CEP compression sock giveaway!! I'm loving checking out all the awesome blogs that I hadn't really stalked before or lately!!

    P.S. hopefully you don't get blisters today!!! Lather up with Body glide or Vaseline!

  3. If the pedicure did her job you won't have blisters. I have a pedicure every 6 weeks because my feet really need it with all the running and I never had blisters after a pedicure.

    Congrats on the loss!