Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dear running book publishers

Dear Running Book Publishers,

Please make your books in e-format. As one of the millions of people who received a e-reader for Christmas, I am disappointed at the lack of running books in the e-reader format.

I received a Nook Color from my husband for Christmas and I love it. I love reading and as I get more into running I am enjoying reading books on the topic. The problem is every time I want to read a book I go to B&N or to my local digital library to look for the book in e-format and it does not exist yet!  Please consider adding these books to the digital realm so that they are easily accessible to e-book lovers.

For now I will continue to add them to my library wait list, but I really wish I could have just bought it online and started reading it NOW!

Thank you,


On my wait list now: Run like a Girl, Sole Sisters and The Courage to Start

What are your favorite running related books?

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  1. I wonder if some of these are small, independent publishers or self-publishers. Sometimes that's what's holding them back. I hear ya, though. I read RLAM on my Kindle at the gym.