Friday, February 18, 2011


No I don't mean World War 1, I mean Weekly Weight In! Although my battle with the scale feels like a war on a daily basis. This week I was terrified of the scale, because on Monday when I stepped on it for a check it said I was up 9lbs. You know how many calories I would of had to consume over the weekend to gain 9lbs. If 1lb equals 3500 calories that would be 31,500 over 3 days. Ummm that was not happening through out the week I watched the number drop, but was worried yesterday when I was back at last weeks weight. As of this morning I am down 1 more lb! I will take it.

Distance away from next goal levels:Next Goal  - 4lbs
Enter the Onederland  - 10lbs
No longer in the obese BMI range - 14lbs
2011 Goal -  29lbs
Ultimate Goal high end of normal BMI range - 45lbs

Total weight loss in 2011 - 7lbs
Total weight loss - 80lbs

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