Thursday, February 10, 2011

When you have a little one

When you have a little one your plans never stay the same. The goal yesterday was to run 4 miles outside after work then do YogaX before bed. Around noon yesterday I received a call from my daycare provider letting me know that my daughter had just vomited. She was acting fine and felling ok, but I felt I should go get her in case it turned into something else.  Once we were home she was acting normal, but I figured I should make her relax just in case she was fighting a bug. I turned on Princess and the Frog for her and Yoga X for me. One part of my goal was done. At bedtime, I had my husband put her to bed so I could jump on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I did a hill course, to prepare for my St. Patricks Day run.

Today's Plan - 4 Miles outside and Legs, Back and Ab Ripper X tonight after the little one is in bed.

Realistically my goal is to just complete the 4 miles to the best of my ability. I start official half marathon training next week and all 3 runs on my schedule are 4 miles, so I figure if I can knock one out this week I will be better off come next week.

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