Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

Quick and simple weigh in today. My scale has me down 1lb. I will take it. It is nice to each pound coming off, even if it is at a slower rate then I want.

I do expect this to be a slow process as I have already lost the baby weight, I am below my wedding weight - and the rest of this, well its just my stupid years of getting fat weight. Between the time I graduated highschool, 1996, and the year I got married 2004 - there was a 75lb down difference. How I gained all of that I don't know.  My ultimate goal weight will put me in the range I was in highschool - at my smallest I was 130lbs, but that was right after my car accident so I am not shooting for that. My normal weight was around 160lbs. My ultimate goal weight is 164, which is still more then my husband - but I can accept that.

Distance away from next goal levels:
Next Goal  - 3lbs
Enter the Onederland  - 9lbs
No longer in the obese BMI range - 13lbs
2011 Goal -  28lbs
Ultimate Goal high end of normal BMI range - 44lbs

Total weight loss in 2011 - 8lbs
Total weight loss - 81lbs

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