Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Update

Friday didn't go as planned. Sean called and asked if I could pick up our daughter Evie from daycare so he could work late. That wouldn't be a problem, I figured I could just run the 4 miles after we put her to bed that night.  After I picked her up he asked if we wanted to meet for dinner. Of course I said yes, who wants to cook on a Friday night, plus where we were meeting would allow me to stop at a shoes store and pick up a new pair of Balega socks and some jelly beans for my 6 mile run planned on Sunday.  However after dinner, and getting home there would be no running.

Saturday was supposed to be my rest day, but I still need to get the 4 miles in. I decided to break it into 2 - 2 mile segments. 2 miles to our local park and 2 miles back. I loaded Evie into the BOB jogging stroller and off we went. We haven't really used the stroller for a while, and sadly I think she is getting to big for it and heavy to push. It took me longer then I wanted to run the 2 miles there, but I did have a few stops crossing the streets and avoiding traffic. The ride home was a bit smoother until we go to our hill, which is the last .25 miles to my house. How don't care how great the jogging stroller is, pushing a 34lb toddler up a step hill in it is tough!

Sunday my husband and I ran 6.1 miles in 78 minutes. He did the honor of pushing Evie in the stroller, while I shuffled behind him. His jogging pace is definitely faster then my pace, by he played it off as he was able to do intervals work because he was waiting for me. I didn't feel bad, I know he is faster then me and I am just glad that I was able to complete the distance. We took one break half way to eat some jelly beans and I drank most of a FRS. It was an out and back run, so the run back actually felt good as I passed my landmarks that I used as bargaining points on the way out.  After the run, Sean said he was starving and wanted a McDonald's Double Cheeseburger, hold the cheese. I skipped McDonald's and came home and had a protein drink.   Things I learned from this run:
  • I need to work on taking longer strides
  • My left leg is weaker then my right 
  • I can complete this half marathon. Some how completing almost half in week 2 of training, makes the whole thing possible.
  • My bodybugg will most likely cause some chaffing if I go farther wearing it
  • oh and I burned 1201 calories between 2PM -3:30PM according to the bodybugg

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  1. Well done on the Saturday run!
    Funny that one leg is stronger than the other isn't it? Mine is the opposite, my right leg is weaker.

    And yes you can complete this half! No doubt about that.