Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Update

Saturday was my day of rest and I rested. We had a baby shower to attend a couple of hours away from our house, so it was a good day to have a rest day. I didn't do so well on my eating, but I am going to leave that in the past and move forward. One bonus of Saturday, well besides seeing my friends new baby boy was stopping at the LuluLemon Outlet on the way home. I was looking for a pair or running pants and ended up picking up the Run: Zoom Crop.

Sunday, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Thankfully my husband offered to go grocery shopping for me which allowed me to run while he was gone. I got 3.25 miles in and I have to say it is true when they say running is cheaper then therapy. I wore my new pants on my run, and I have to say that right now I am not impressed.....well actually I really like them except for one thing......the don't stay up on my bum. I am not sure if I got the wrong size but the just kept sliding down. Since I got them out the outlet there are no returns so I will have to make them work. After skipping watching the Super Bowl and instead watching Toy Story 3 with the family I completed my P90X workout for the day.

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