Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow day

Wednesday there was a threat of a snow storm in the Pacific Northwest. Having lived in Washington most of my life I have quickly learned that the weather people are not always right, although they are getting better. Typically they are a bit off. While at work it would start snowing, then the sun would come out, rinse and repeat.  My husband called and asked if I could pick up our daughter from daycare as he was going to be working late.  After picking her up we had a few errands then home for dinner and off to our annual homeowners meeting. Taking a toddler to a homeowners meeting is fun!  But you have to do what you have to do. By the time we got home it was 9PM and it was snowing out. Evie and I laid in my bed watching the snow come down waiting for Sean to get home. I really love just watching it snow there is something so relaxing about that. Basically with everything I need to get done a workout didn't happen Wednesday.

Thursday I woke up to  the sounds of the snow plow outside my window. While I am grateful they were plowing our driveways, I was not pleased that it was 5AM. I decide that the roads looked clear enough to head into work.  Sean worked from home with Evie, which can be stressful so I left for the day at lunch. This would give him a chance to attend meetings from home without the worry of Evie screaming in the background.  The plan for today was 4 miles, with the snow that meant the treadmill. With Sean having to work tonight and the daycare closed at the gym - I decided to do a P90X workout at home while attempting to get Evie to nap.   With the first workout done, I still need to get some more cardio in so I think I will have to rely on my old standby of stepping while watching shows tonight. Hopefully I can get Evs down for an early bedtime.

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