Saturday, February 12, 2011

The race results are in

Today I participated in the Love'em and Leave'em Valentines Day 5K around GreenLake. The forecast was predicting rain. Thankfully the rain held off but it was still cold out. The thing about running around a lake even a small one, is it is a bi-polar experience. The first part was cold, then the sun came out and it was comfortable, then you round another part and the wind is blowing and it is cold again! Either way I did it, I ran the entire thing with an Official Time of 39:04 and Average Pace of 12:36. I am actually really happy that I completed the race.

Me this morning getting ready to leave, rockin' my new bondiband
a guy in front of me, barefoot running I get, but not when its freezing out

Where I lined up, I thought I was being ambitious, but I held my own

Our running view

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