Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Making deals

Ever start out a run making deals with yourself.....if you make it to that tree, you can walk. The beauty of this is when you get to the tree you pick another location as your deal spot. I did this my entire 3.7 mile run today. I am actually very proud that I was able to accomplish run with only stopping 2x, once to take a photo and the other time to check my distance on my Nike+ which was a good thing as it died a mile later. I am waiting for my replacement in the mail.

My running music today was Eminem's Recovery Album - which I enjoyed as it keep my energy levels up. Nothing like a little bit of angry music to keep you moving, but with the view above most of the run there was no way I could be angry. Today it was cold, yet beautiful out. My car said 45 degrees when I finished my run around 5PM, so not cold compared to back East, but cold enough that I was glad I had a long sleeve coat on. On my short drive home from my run location the skies were beautiful.

My plan was to do Yoga tonight after I put the little one to bed, however I am tired and heading to bed early.

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