Monday, February 28, 2011

HM Week #3

Yesterday started week 3 of my half marathon training. I go between excitement and what the hell did I sign myself up for thinking regularly. :)  If I just stick to the running plan and add some cross training days in I know I can do this.

The plan for this week:
Sunday -  7 Miles (Done 1:27:19 - 12:16 pace)
Monday - 40 minutes elliptical, abs, lunges, push ups
Tuesday - 4 Miles and  P90X Arms and Shoulders (maybe)
Wednesday - Yoga
Thursday - 5 Miles (after 2 miles, run 4 x 2 minutes tempos)
Friday - 40 minutes elliptical and Leg workout
Saturday - Rest

This week goals:
1. Get all of my planned workouts in
2. Track all of my food intake
3. Eat well Saturday since I have 7 miles on Sunday to tackle


  1. Looks like a good plan to me!

    Well done on the 7-miler!

    And yes you can totally do this!

  2. such a good blog! i'm excited to see how things come along- have fun training!