Monday, February 21, 2011

Here we go again

This week has already started out well. I got my 6 mile run in yesterday and woke up this morning to just a little pain in my knee. Totally manageable and with no running today I think it should be back to normal by tomorrow.

The plan for this week has been reworked. I have decided on Run days, I will not do double workouts. On cross train days, I will go for double workouts if my schedule and body permits.

Only one thing plagues me this week, I need to go donate blood. I feel that it is important to donate blood if you have the ability to. I am O-, which is the universal blood type, however I can only accept O- blood. When I was 18, I was in a really bad car accident and airlifted to Harberview Medical Center in Seattle, my injuries were life threatening. Because I was bleeding internally I was given more blood then your body needs in order for them to stop the bleeding. I had my spleen removed, liver repaired and pelvic bone set and in the end, came out of it alive, with several battle scars and the ability to still have children even though my pelvic bone was broken in 6 places.  So you can see why I believe that it is important to donate blood. Without the current technologies I don't believe I would be alive today.

My problem is lately every time I go to donate blood, my iron levels are to low.  I have been trying to eat more iron rich foods but so far that has not been helping. Even if I can get my iron levels up I need to figure out which day to go donate blood. You are not supposed to workout for 12 hours after you donate, and I don't think I could anyways it usually wipes me out. I am thinking, if I can get up and run early Tuesday, that I could try to donate blood after work that day. Giving me plenty of time to recover before my next run.


  1. Smart decision to don't do double workouts on running days. You're doing more than enough if you follow your schedule.

    I have to admit I don't donate blood, I don't even know my blood type (bad isn't it) but I do agree on the importance of it. Maybe I should look into this because we have blood donations in Holland but I'm afraid of needles too (childhood nightmare).

  2. By the way: do you have a new header?

    i like it!

  3. Yes I have a new header, a friend wanted to starting working more in PS, so I kindly offered to let her design on for me. I am glad you like it.