Saturday, February 26, 2011

4 Miler

Friday I had a headache most of the day at work. I was going to skip my 4 mile treadmill run, but I really need to get it in since I had already skipped it on Thursday. After work I headed to to they Gym, they were playing the Fantastic Four in the Cardio Cinema, so I decided that is where I would run. Once I was dressed and on the treadmill I figured if I felt bad already then I might as well just try to knock out the run as fast as I could.

I set the treadmill at 5pmh and just started running. Surprisingly I was able to hold this pace for the entire 4 miles. I did grab on to the rails a couple of times when my head was pounding, but as soon as I did I heard Jillian Michael's screaming in my head "Let go of the handrail". :)  It felt good to get the 4 miles done and it was also encouraging that I can ran a 12 minute mile, now to set a new goal of 11:30 minute mile and work towards that goal.

1 comment:

  1. Great job on the run!

    Wow: a cardio cinema in your gym? That's the first time I have heard of it. So cool!