Thursday, February 10, 2011

4 mile run = fail

I just completed a crappy run and I know days like this are going to happen, but that self doubt really starts to creep in when you don't reach your goal. I mapped out a new run that was 4 miles, it had a few hills in it, had a nice view and I figured I could knock it out with little problem, since I did 3.8 last week. Well things did not go as planned.

Problem #1 - The start of my run was through the State Park. What I did not realize was that they are doing a Park Restoration, which means the nice trail is marked with tractor divots and wet spots from the recent rain. This made for a interesting first mile trying to find the right place to run without rolling my ankle.

Problem #2  - This was my first real outdoor hill run. I tried my best to push through the hills, thankfully they were short and there was small flat area's before the next incline. I ran up the hills, then walked briefly before taking off again for the next hill.

Problem #3 - Self doubt crept into my brain around mile 3, I just couldn't give over my own belief that I was going to fail and ended up walking the rest. My mind was at war with itself. On part was saying....just because you have all the gear, does not make you a runner. Then I would remind myself how far I have come and encourage myself and then the doubt would come back in.

All in all I did 4.4 miles in an 1 hour - not the best, but way better then where I started. I need to be proud of my accomplishments and move forward.

On another note I am fed up with this Nike+, I was given a brand new sensor for my shoe and it still becomes undetected shortly after starting. I am going to try one more troubleshooting method and then I think I will toss it. Today I downloaded the iMapmyrun ap for my blackberry and used it  and that worked out great, so at least I have a back up plan for now.

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  1. It looks like it's the week of bad runs, I had one on Wednesday and another blogger had one too this week.

    Your next run will be great (mine was today) and you did do those 4 miles today. Maybe it wasn't your best run but you did it and that's what counts.