Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Update

This weekend I spent most of the time recovering from a nasty head cold. It helped that Saturday is my normal recovery day, so I spent most of the in bed sleeping. Sunday I was feeling better, so I braved getting out of bed and attempting to function in society. My energy levels were up and down so around 3PM I decided that I needed to do something and headed to my treadmill. I walked at 3.5MPH at various inclines for 33 minutes. That is all I could do.

I am a little bummed because Sunday was supposed to be my long run day and well my body had different plans. I will just need to find a way to figure that run into my normal week. I have Cardio planned for Monday, I could switch get a run in instead without messing up my schedule to much. Of course we will have to see how I feel come Monday morning.


  1. Hope you feel better today. Is it a problem if you skip that long run this week? Does it mess up your schedule? If not I would suggest to let it go and move forward.

    I missed my long run on Saturday, wasn't feeling well either and since this week is recovery week and the week after that I have to do the same distance that I missed Saturday again I decided not to worry about it and let it go.

  2. Thanks for the feedback...I should be ok skipping it as I havn't offically started training for my half, I just feel bad when I miss workouts. I guess that is a part of life.