Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Outside Run

Today I was able to get out of bed before work and get a workout in. I was supposed to do the P90X Yoga but I woke up later then I wanted so I didn't have time. Instead I completed the P90X KenpoX workout. I think that is my favorite DVD of the P90X series.

After work I decided to go for my weekly goal of 3 miles outside on the trail by my work. We have this great trail that goes around the lake, it is fairly smooth with just a little gravel and best of all it is a pretty flat trail.
Photos from the start of my run

About half way through my run my Nike+ died, this made it difficult to determine where I was in the run, but luckily I had just checked my distance a few steps before it died and I was at 1.4 miles, so I ran up a few more roads and turned around. When I got home I mapped the route and it said 3.03 miles which is great and means that I reached my running goal for the week. I really wish I knew my time though, I know I am not speedy, but I like to keep track of my time.


  1. The area you run in looks so beautifuL! :) And way to knock out 3 miles. I hate when my garmin dies, I feel so lost. But I have started tracking a few routes by my house that I know by heart how far they are - which has helped in times like these. Keep up the good work!

  2. I want a garmin, but I have to prove to myself that I will use it first before I invest.