Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have always had a problem running over 3 miles and I as I slowly build back up just getting to 3 miles can be a mental challenge. I was reading a magazine about setting up a mantra to help overcome those mental challenges.

I created this one for me - BE STRONG, EMBRACE POWER. I know I am physically strong, I just need to overcome the mental fears of failure. When I start to get stuck, I chant it in my head. Followed by - say it, believe it, become it.

It gives me the mental strength to push through when I think I am to weak to continue to run. So far it has been successful.

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  1. running distance is lke 90% have to talk yourself up...that is what I have to do, because the minute that "c" word (can't) creeps up, it is downhill from there. Unless you are running downhill...ha ha.