Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is it Friday yet?

I woke up this morning half stuffed up, my little on has a cold and of course she shared her germs with me. I decided to skip my morning workout and headed to the gym after work instead. I spent an hour on the elliptical and then stretched out and headed home.

Since I skipped my morning workout I wanted to get something in but I just didn't have it in me to do a strength workout. Instead I did some free stepping. A while back I picked up a exercise step at Ross, the cheapest place I have found to get exercise equipment. I put the step on my yoga mat and step up an down for 30 minutes.
the set up
I like to mix it up, with high knees, side steps and jump ups, also stopping in the middle to do incline push ups and then back to step ups. To help keep my heart rate up I do various arm movements while stepping up. It is actually a pretty good work out and lets me watch a TV show to pass the time.


  1. Hai Jen,

    I read your comment on Syl's latest post in which you mentioned you will be doing your first half marathon this year. I am too (April 25th) and I always like finding new blogs with people who are working towards the same goal as I am so here I am.

    I've read your previous posts and I think you're doing great so far.

    I look forward to following your training.

    If you like, feel free to visit my blog:


  2. Thanks Fran, I will check out your blog...I also like to follow people who are going through similar experinces.