Monday, January 31, 2011

Goals for the week

Last Friday I set up a workout schedule that will allow me to run 4 days a week and also get in some cross training. I am planning for two workouts a day, however I am not going to feel guilty if I miss a workout. I am loosely following the P90X program and I am currently on week 4 of that, so I worked that in as my second workout.
The plan is to get up before work and do the P90X program, then after work do the run or cardio part. I am hoping that the weather stays dry so that I can get 2 runs outside the forecast for my area looks good. Anyone who lives in the Northwest knows that it can change quickly.

With my Monday morning workout (P90X Core Synergistics) complete and plans to hit they gym after work, I am feeling optimistic about the week, even with my longest run goal for the week 3.25-3.5 miles. I hope to hit a total mileage goal of 12-15 miles.

1 comment:

  1. Like the workout plan! And good to not feel guilty if you miss a workout, if you do at least one a day you're halfway there.