Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Found my April run

I was looking for a 10-12K to do in April to help in my journey to the half marathon in May. My top 3 choices were:

5th Annual Bellevue Run - 10K, April 17th
Seahawks 12K Run on April 10th
Squak Moutain 12K Trail run April 23rd

I want to try the trail run, but since I have no experince trail running and I am pretty clumsy, so I opted out of that run. Between the Bellevue run and the Seahawks run, I decided that the Bellevue run in is closer to home and I think I like the course more. Plus the registration is cheaper and all the registration fee goes to Seattle Children's Autism Center and Kindering plus other Rotary projects benefitting children and families on the Eastside. Good enough reason to sign up to me. Sign up before April 1st and the registration is only $25.


  1. Hi! We must live in the same area, with all these Eastside events listed! I'm in Bellevue. I'm enjoying reading through your blog - you are quite an inspiration!

  2. I am on the Eastside, I am in Issaqauh and frequent Bellevue often :) I enjoy reading about your experince also.