Sunday, January 23, 2011

First run outside for 2011

Today was my first run outside for the year, because I hate rain. :) Before I left I remembered it pull in my Nike+ to my iP0d so I could get a feel of how I was doing. I ran the first half of the 2.86 miles, then I lost the mental fight and walked the rest. For what it is worth, the last mile was pretty much up hill, so I am ok with walking the last part.

I am going to work on running outside at least 1x a week until the weather gets better - say what you want....I just don't like the rain or the dark. Once it starts to get lighter out in the morning, I will make my morning work a run. I am actually looking forward to that.

This weeks goals:
1. 5 morning workouts
2. 2 strength workouts
3. Hit 3 miles running
4. 1 run outside

I beleive all of these goals are obtainable and look forward to reaching them.

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