Monday, January 31, 2011


I have just a few gadgets that help me along my journey of becoming a better runner and improving my overall fitness.
My favorite gadget is my BodyBugg. I love it and it was the best gift I have ever received. It has helped me lose 76lbs over the past year and half. I am sure that other programs work great for people, but this has been amazing for me. It really shows me where I am at each day. I don't have the calorie display watch, but all I have to do is plug it in and sync it up to see where I stand on calories burned. They have a great online food tracking system that I track about 90% of my food in. I am trying to get better, but there are days where I just don't bother.

Next is my iP0d, which I really like for when I am outdoors. I love listening to music and it just helps keep the negative thoughts out of my head while I am running. If I don't have music, I tend to listen lose mentally and give up sooner then if I had some tunes blasting in my ears.

I also love my Nike+ it helps me to keep track of my mileage and when I train for a run, I can use the online coach to determine the distance I need to run to train properly. Right now I am not loving it as it has messed up to of my workouts, but I am dealing with it. A lovely friend is sending her's as she never used it so hopefully I will have better luck with the next one.

Lastly, this weekend I pulled out my Polar Heart Rate Monitor this was the first fitness related gadget I owned. I received this as a gift many years ago and used it religiously. The battery died and it was put on the shelf until yesterday when my husband replaced the battery for me so I can start using it again. I know that I can tend to slack off in my runs or workout, so I look forward to keeping my heart rate in the right range going forward.

Hopefully someday I can combine some of these gadgets and invest in Garmin Forerunner. I have heard great things about the Forerunner 305, but the 205 is blue and that is my favorite color. Either way I need to prove myself a little more before I invest in a new toy.

Goals for the week

Last Friday I set up a workout schedule that will allow me to run 4 days a week and also get in some cross training. I am planning for two workouts a day, however I am not going to feel guilty if I miss a workout. I am loosely following the P90X program and I am currently on week 4 of that, so I worked that in as my second workout.
The plan is to get up before work and do the P90X program, then after work do the run or cardio part. I am hoping that the weather stays dry so that I can get 2 runs outside the forecast for my area looks good. Anyone who lives in the Northwest knows that it can change quickly.

With my Monday morning workout (P90X Core Synergistics) complete and plans to hit they gym after work, I am feeling optimistic about the week, even with my longest run goal for the week 3.25-3.5 miles. I hope to hit a total mileage goal of 12-15 miles.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Update

This weekend I spent most of the time recovering from a nasty head cold. It helped that Saturday is my normal recovery day, so I spent most of the in bed sleeping. Sunday I was feeling better, so I braved getting out of bed and attempting to function in society. My energy levels were up and down so around 3PM I decided that I needed to do something and headed to my treadmill. I walked at 3.5MPH at various inclines for 33 minutes. That is all I could do.

I am a little bummed because Sunday was supposed to be my long run day and well my body had different plans. I will just need to find a way to figure that run into my normal week. I have Cardio planned for Monday, I could switch get a run in instead without messing up my schedule to much. Of course we will have to see how I feel come Monday morning.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Attack of the cold

Why do you treat me so bad. I went to bed early last night. I was in bed by 8:30,PM my little munchkin was knocked out so I was thinking I would get a good nights sleep. I woke up so many times with a my nose running. You know the kind when you lay on one side it drains and if you flip to your other side you are fine. Of course if I was on my right side, the side I sleep best on it would drain! Ughh! All my attempts to get a good night sleep were foiled by this cold that has arrived in full force.

I was able to drag myself out of bed this morning at 5AM and completed the P90X KenpoX workout. Which was difficult, not becuase of the workout, but becuase of my cold. As soon as my heartrate would raise, I would have a coughing attack or sneeze and my eyes would water and blind me. After my workout I rememberd I wanted to try the Killer Caterpillar move that I saw on Ask Coach Jenny blog. I loved it, it was hard, but doable and it felt refreshing after KenpoX. I plan to work this into my everday routine somehow.

The plan for today is to get some time on the treadmill in after work, that is if I can breath.

This morning was also my offical weigh in day - I was up 2lbs. I am a little bummed about it, but it just motivates me more in the weeks to come. Honestly I weigh my self daily, but I am trying to use one day a week as my input for the BodyBugg software and I think for 2011 I will use Friday. This will help to keep me motivated over the weekend.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is it Friday yet?

I woke up this morning half stuffed up, my little on has a cold and of course she shared her germs with me. I decided to skip my morning workout and headed to the gym after work instead. I spent an hour on the elliptical and then stretched out and headed home.

Since I skipped my morning workout I wanted to get something in but I just didn't have it in me to do a strength workout. Instead I did some free stepping. A while back I picked up a exercise step at Ross, the cheapest place I have found to get exercise equipment. I put the step on my yoga mat and step up an down for 30 minutes.
the set up
I like to mix it up, with high knees, side steps and jump ups, also stopping in the middle to do incline push ups and then back to step ups. To help keep my heart rate up I do various arm movements while stepping up. It is actually a pretty good work out and lets me watch a TV show to pass the time.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Outside Run

Today I was able to get out of bed before work and get a workout in. I was supposed to do the P90X Yoga but I woke up later then I wanted so I didn't have time. Instead I completed the P90X KenpoX workout. I think that is my favorite DVD of the P90X series.

After work I decided to go for my weekly goal of 3 miles outside on the trail by my work. We have this great trail that goes around the lake, it is fairly smooth with just a little gravel and best of all it is a pretty flat trail.
Photos from the start of my run

About half way through my run my Nike+ died, this made it difficult to determine where I was in the run, but luckily I had just checked my distance a few steps before it died and I was at 1.4 miles, so I ran up a few more roads and turned around. When I got home I mapped the route and it said 3.03 miles which is great and means that I reached my running goal for the week. I really wish I knew my time though, I know I am not speedy, but I like to keep track of my time.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

oh Tuesday

My energy levels were very low today. I have a 3 year old, and well she has a cold which means that she does not sleep very well. I skipped my AM workout and decided to just hit the gym after work. I completed 1.5 miles on the treadmill at a 3% incline and then switched to the bike. My shin was hurting a little and I didn't want to aggravate it to much.

After dinner I was able to get one of my strength training workouts in for the week and completed the Shoulders and Arms P90X workout while watching the Biggest Loser. I decided to try to workout during that Biggest Loser to keep from snacking and it helped. I even ended my evening with a quick protien drink Biggest Loser style - 1 scoop Jillian Michael's Protein Whey and 8 oz of Pacific Vanilla Almond milk. Truth be told, I only purchased the Jillian Michael's brand because it was on sale and I wanted to try to make my own drinks and get away from buying the pre-made, save a little money. It is tasty and I think it would make a great smoothie with a banana and blueberries.

Found my April run

I was looking for a 10-12K to do in April to help in my journey to the half marathon in May. My top 3 choices were:

5th Annual Bellevue Run - 10K, April 17th
Seahawks 12K Run on April 10th
Squak Moutain 12K Trail run April 23rd

I want to try the trail run, but since I have no experince trail running and I am pretty clumsy, so I opted out of that run. Between the Bellevue run and the Seahawks run, I decided that the Bellevue run in is closer to home and I think I like the course more. Plus the registration is cheaper and all the registration fee goes to Seattle Children's Autism Center and Kindering plus other Rotary projects benefitting children and families on the Eastside. Good enough reason to sign up to me. Sign up before April 1st and the registration is only $25.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Last night I was being lazy and was using my foot to push some blankets back in the closet. In the process my foot slipped and slammed into the bottom shelf of the closet. Man did this hurt - extreme pain, tears to my eyes....pain, pain, pain.

Today my leg hurts, not so much when I walk but if I bump it, or my pants brush against it - shooting pain through my right shin. Looks like my weekly goals may have to be put on hold so I can give my leg a day to recover.
Good thing I wore long socks to work, they work perfect for stuffing ice packs down and holding them in place. :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

First run outside for 2011

Today was my first run outside for the year, because I hate rain. :) Before I left I remembered it pull in my Nike+ to my iP0d so I could get a feel of how I was doing. I ran the first half of the 2.86 miles, then I lost the mental fight and walked the rest. For what it is worth, the last mile was pretty much up hill, so I am ok with walking the last part.

I am going to work on running outside at least 1x a week until the weather gets better - say what you want....I just don't like the rain or the dark. Once it starts to get lighter out in the morning, I will make my morning work a run. I am actually looking forward to that.

This weeks goals:
1. 5 morning workouts
2. 2 strength workouts
3. Hit 3 miles running
4. 1 run outside

I beleive all of these goals are obtainable and look forward to reaching them.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Its seems funny to title the post races, as really for me it is not a race, so lets call them runs.

I have signed up for 3 runs so far this year, and will probably do one or two more.

February - Love 'em or Leave 'em Valentines Day Dash

March - St. Patrick's Day Dash

May - Kirkland Half Marathon

I would like to find a race in April. Still looking for the right one. Sean and I typically do the Salmon Days 5K in early October so I am sure we will be running that also.

5 for 5

This week I had a goal to get up and workout every day before work. This means that I have to wake up between 4:30AM and 5AM depending on my workout.

Monday - 45 min 'hills' route on the treadmill
Tuesday - running on the treadmill
Wednesday - P90X Yoga X - DVD
Thursday - running on the treadmill
Friday - 45 min 'hills' route on the treadmill

I really didn't want to get up this morning, but once I was up and moving it felt great! I can't wait to sleep in a little tomorrow. :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

2.5 mile goal

This morning I reached my weekly goal of 2.5 miles running.

I was up about 4:45AM and got my bum down to the treadmill. I will confess I am a wimp and I will not run outside in the dark. Some may even suggest that I am afraid of the dark. Its not the dark I am afraid of but the chance their is a creepy person in the dark. Thankfully a year or more ago we picked up a treadmill on craigslist. To the treadmill I went with a plan to just run as far as I could and walk the rest - hoping I would reach my weekly goal.

I always start with a .25 mile warm up, its so early I need to get my legs moving before I can even think of trying to run. Once that was complete off I went.....with legs that felt like someone replaced my shoes with shoes full of lead! After about a .5 of a mile I started to remind myself that I am strong and I can do this! In the end I completed m y 2.5 miles of running and walked the rest of my 45 minutes. My workout time on the treadmill is typically 45-48 minutes, this is becuase we have a TV set up in front of the treadmill with access to Netflix - I like to stream a TV show while working - I am addicted to watching Nip/Tuck while I workout, thankgodness I am only on Season 2 - it will help me get through this training. I am looking forward to running outside though, just not in the dark, not in the cold and hopefully not in the rain.....oh wait I live in Washington, I am sure I will have some rain runs in my future.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I have always had a problem running over 3 miles and I as I slowly build back up just getting to 3 miles can be a mental challenge. I was reading a magazine about setting up a mantra to help overcome those mental challenges.

I created this one for me - BE STRONG, EMBRACE POWER. I know I am physically strong, I just need to overcome the mental fears of failure. When I start to get stuck, I chant it in my head. Followed by - say it, believe it, become it.

It gives me the mental strength to push through when I think I am to weak to continue to run. So far it has been successful.

I have never been runner

I remember in middle school I was always one of the last students on the Friday mile run and my time was over 12 minutes ever week.

I never enjoyed running, but I always wanted to try. When my daughter was 8 months old I signed my husband and I up for a St. Paddy's Day dash run. Now, my husband is a natural runner. He can go months without running and in a 5K race, run circles around me. Since then I have wanted to become a better runner. This year my daughter will be 4, and I have ran a handful of 5Ks.

For 2011 - I decided to challenge myself and signed up for a 1/2 marathon. The longest I have ran is 7 miles on 2 separate occasions. My official training starts on Feb 15th, but until then I am going to be working up my distance slowly so not to burn out when I start training.

My plan is to find a 5K run for February, I have a 4 mile run planned for March and possible locate a 10K for April, then run the 1/2 in May. I think that by having small milestones to reach each month it will help keep me focused to complete the training and cross the finish line on the 1/2 marathon.