Sunday, September 21, 2014

I've been booted

Thursday, I rolled my ankle. I have done that 1 million times before. About every 6 months I roll it so bad it hurts for several days. I woke up Friday and I was still in pain, so I decided to go to the doctor. The last time I went to the doctor for my ankle, I was in high school.  We decided it was best to get an x-ray and see what the damage was or if there was any. 

  • Bone fragment along the inferior tip of the medial malleolus, this appears to be old trauma, however in the setting of new trauma, an acute fracture component is not excluded.
  • Minimal plantar and posterior calcaneal spurring is observed.
  • Mild soft tissue swelling and join effusion may be present.
I was sad, so I ate pie. Yummy, Dutch apple pie. Then I got over it and sat down and figured out how I am going to still workout, until I see the Orthopedic doctor. This week should be interesting, to say the least.  For now, I make stupid boot jokes, take it off to drive as it is my right foot and overall have a pity party.

Have you ever been booted?

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Seattle Brain Cancer Walk 2014

Today our team is participating in the 2014 Seattle Brain Cancer Walk benefiting the Ben & Catherine Ivy Center for Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment at Swedish Medical Center. You might be wondering why we are walking for Brain Cancer.
Proceeds from the 7th Annual Seattle Brain Cancer Walk will support research efforts underway at the Ben & Catherine Ivy Center for Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment at Swedish Medical Center. When it opened in 2008, the Ivy Center was the first brain tumor-specific community-based facility of its kind in our region. Today, with the support of our donors, the Ivy Center has become a preeminent Center of Excellence, offering patients coordinated, patient-centered care through a team approach that tailors the most advanced surgery and oncology treatment with access to promising new clinical trials. The Ivy Center's world-class research laboratory, which is funded almost entirely by philanthropy, is gaining national and international attention for its unique approach to fighting brain cancer

Please consider making a donation.  Donations can be made at our team site - Amazing Joe.

Photo from BCW 2010

Friday, September 19, 2014

Squat Challenge

There are a million Squat challenges out there, most of them are way to intense for me. I have no desire to do 200 squats in one day.

Last week, I found a good challenge and did it one day and then when I went to do the next day I couldn't find it. Thank goodness for My Fitness Pal sending a million and one emails because they sent me the squat challenge, again! It was like sign from the fitness fairy.

I started it Thursday, 20 squats were not bad at all! Not scary and hopefully, my body will agree tomorrow that I can handle. it.   I love that each week is a different type of squat.
Counter Balance Box Squat - is your basic squat, hands in front. I used a chair and had my bum just barley touch the chair before going back up.
Prisoner Box Squat - hands behind your head, but still use a surface to go down to. Chair, stool whatever you would like.
Counter Balance Air Squat - no chair, hands in front of you and just use your body weight.
Prisoner Air Squat  - This is listed as the toughest version. Hands behind your head, no chair and getting as close to parallel as you can.
The link I sourced has Intermediate challenge and an Advanced version if you are past the basics!
I have my copy printed and posted on the wall, let see if I can get it done and advance to the next level. 
Have you done a squat challenge before? Did you complete it?

Thursday, September 18, 2014


1. I ran on Tuesday night and it hurt, it wasn't that good hurt. It was that wow you are out of shape hurt. I hadn't ran in a week because of schedule and getting sick, so it is to be expected. But it sucks. I just keep reminding myself one day at a time.

2. Wednesday we took a walk with the kiddos a little of two miles, with some time to stop and play. It is always good to get out with the kids and it reminds me of when I was walking 20 minutes a day. I enjoyed that. I looked forward to that and I think I might start it again.

3. I printed out a beginner squat challenge. I need to start it. Guess I should make an official post on it to make it all written out and a goal. Why am I avoiding it. Oh I know, because I don't want my legs to hurt when I sit down to pee.

How is Thursday treating you?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Here we go again

This Weeks Plan
Monday: Rest
Tuesday:  Week 3 Day 1 - C25K
Wednesday: Week 3 Day 2 - C25K
Thursday: Weights
Friday: Week 3 Day 3 - C25K
Saturday: Brain Cancer Walk - Donate HERE
Sunday:  Rest
Here is this weeks plan, yes  it is Tuesday and I am already playing catch up. Last week was a mess, so no need to recap that.
I am almost back to  normal healthy wise, my house is not. While my family is getting better, it is a mess. We had our carpets cleaned LAST Tuesday and well they did a crap job. So they came back yesterday to do it again. This means everything is all over the place. We were the last stop for the day Monday night, leaving me a house that is out of control.  I just hope the carpets are dry today so everything can back in its place. I need order, our house is to small for this much craziness.
The bonus of getting your carpets cleaned is everything is picked up. All those little messes or 'storage' place as your kid refers them are purged. This helps with the holiday season coming. Speaking of holiday's we have already started decorating for Halloween and one little kiddo has a costume.  Here is a sneak peak.
How did Monday treat you?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Sunday Funday, posted on Monday

The back to school germs finally hit the me! My daughter brought them home first, followed by the littlest getting it and then the husband. I thought for sure I was in the clear until I woke up Friday feeling like death. I didn't even end up showering all day Friday or changing out of my PJs.
Saturday, was a BEAUTIFUL day in Washington, maybe on of the last nice days and we all lounged around feeling crummy all stinking day. I did manage to get a shower in at some point.
Sunday, I started to improve, although breathing is still difficult I felt like I need to get out and enjoy some of the nice weather. The kiddo's and I went to a local paved trail for a short walk. 

The trail is stunning this time of year and shaded 90% of the way. Which made it bearable to be out walking in the middle of the day. Although, the little one wasn't as happy on my back as she would have been in her stroller.
Big sister wanted to take photos along the way, and honestly if the path wasn't all uphill it would be a awesome spot in the fall for family photos. I need to see if I can figure out a flatter way to get to it. 

This was our turn around point. The trail took us to the freeway and this was a pedestrian bridge over it. The big kid thought it was cool because we drive under this bridge all the time and she had never stood over the freeway. The way back down was fun, and while she complained I think she was happy to be heading back to the care. The path wasn't long by any means, maybe 1.5 miles up, but I think she was tired of not having me run with her. Some how, she thought I could run with the baby on my back. 

At the end of this adventure, she said she wishes we could do it every day.  I  said we can come back because it is super close to home and as long as the weather cooperates we can practice our running on this path.
How was your weekend?

Friday, September 12, 2014

My survival kit - what would you take

I was contacted by Man Crates, a company that ships all kinds of gifts for men in wooden crates and asked:

Is I was stranded on a island what would I want with me?

Instantly, I thought Lip balm and coffee. :) I live and breathe for those things, and my family and what not. But let's get practical if I am stranded my family probably isn't with me. They are safe somewhere.

Every time I tried to write down something crazy that I would need, I countered with a practical item. So her is my list. Safe, boring but you know I would be happy!  

1. All you need is love lip balm - A big stick of moisturizing lip love. It's a natural blend of butters and oils that feed and care for lips. It's a whole lotta lovin' for lips. I need this because I assume, I am stranded on a sunny island. Not only will it work as lip balm, I can use it on cuts and scratches.

2. Gender Bender Big Bath Bar - Charcoal DTox: Clean that doesn’t discriminate. Because truly clean doesn't discriminate, the Gender Bender invites all to wash and be cleaned and Posh. I want to be clean! Salt water gets drying and sitting in the sand all day. If I was ever on Survivor this would be my luxury item.

3. Nuun All Day Drink Mix Tablets will send you to a hydration oasis with all day performance. These vitamin enhanced tablets will play a fundamental role in keeping you energized and focused while encouraging you to drink more water throughout the day. A girl needs to hydrate! Might as well do it with something that taste good. 

4. Nalgene water Bottle - Pretty self explanatory right, have water need place to keep it.

5. Books - I picked the Harry Potter book set, because there is enough of them that I could read them a few times before I got bored. Plus, if all else fails I can use the paper to keep me warm. Nothing would please me more then to be stranded with books! An entire library would be awesome, but something I could read over and over again would be okay too.

So what about you? What would you be stranded with? Would you want Wine or Coffee? Those both were on my list at first and were weeded out. :)

As I was checking out Man Crate I found this:

I wouldn't be upset if this was under the tree for me at Christmas. The bacon crate, who says you need to be a man to enjoy it. What crate looks most interesting to you?