Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Update

Random list of updates:

  • Friday after trying to force myself to workout, after being so proud that I did something on the days I was sick I broke my workout streak. It ended and I feel okay about it. I am proud that I did it, but it was started to make me not enjoy working out. I was more concerned with fitting it in the getting a good workout.
  • I updated my races I want to do in the next few months in the side bar. I am sure I will have a post about them and why I picked them soon. One of them, is it is all about the bling.
  • I looked up half marathon plans this weekend. Ummm...what. I am considering the Seattle Half Marathon in November. I don't know why, its crazy lofty goal, but I feel like I need that right now.
  • I might not have worked out officially on Saturday, but I spent 5 hours at the zoo with the family. Followed by an hour at my kiddos school watering the pumpkins for the future second graders.  Wow, crap my big kid is going into second grade in a couple of weeks! Where did the time go.
How was your weekend?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fall Running

I was doing some online shopping the past couple of days, since I was feeling crappy and not wanting to workout. Of course, I went to my favorite online store to see what I can find. All of these items are available at Online Shoes.

Here are a few items I moved over into my wish list.
  1.  Women's Asics Performance Fun™ Tight  $57.95
    How fun are these, okay they are still a little plan compared to a lot of running tights out there, but I don't need my booty in big print. These are super cute and will keep me warm in the fall. You know, because I will be in my cold, cold garage running. This girl does not like to run in the rain unless its a race.
  2. Women's Asics FujiTrail™ Winter Top $69.95
    Speaking of running in the rain! I love a coat with a good hood! Helps to keep me warm. I think the bright pink really gives a pop to the Seattle gray that is about to descend on us.
  3. Women's Asics Thermopolis® LT 1/2 Zip $74.95
    Because, I couldn't decide and I love black another jacket. I just thought this one was cute, which is a good reason to buy anything.
  4. Women's Mizuno Wave® Rider 17  $114.95
    Shoes, shoes and more shoes. I am always in need of a second pair. I am loving my Wave Rider 17, so I might as well pick up a pair before the change them. Plus, the darker color were look better when they get wet.
  5. Women's Moving Comfort Juno $55.95
    As a larger chested women, I can't live without my Juno bar. I love this style and am always looking to pick up another one or five.
Do you have any items on your fall running wish list? Need anything from let me know as I have friends and family discount coupons to share. First 20 people will save 25% off their regularly priced items, no brand exclusions

All shoes featured above are available via  I am on a panel for them and working with them to feature items on their website.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Spotlight Saturday

I feel like it has been a few weeks before I shared a Saturday Spotlight with you guys!  As you know, I am an Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant.  It is something that I do on the side and is fun....more info under the Snarky Posh tab above. 
This past weekend we had our yearly convention, or as Posh likes to call it the Unconventional. I was not able to attend this year, but we released 46 NEW products! One of the items I am most excited about is this kit!  It's 3 items, 3 things to try to see if you like the product for a the low price of $19! 


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It is easy, its simple and trust me worth it - visit my website Posh by Jen to make a purchase. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Five Things Friday

1. I am alive, I know you all missed me the past few days. The workout streak is alive also, but just barely. Tuesday's workout was 20 minutes or more of chasing the kids around at the park. Followed by Tuesday evening coming down with something. Where I was insanely hot/sweating and everyone else was normal. No temperature, but I was just dripping in sweat and exhausted. I went to bed early and woke up and had to change the sheets I was sweating so much. My husband even joked he was afraid I was turning into a zombie. It was bad.  Wednesday, was a better. My workout consisted of walking in place, arm punches and various other easy items,  while watching Extreme Weight Loss.  Thursday almost back to normal - I did my weight loss Pilates DVD.

2. Speaking of Extreme Weight Loss, did you watch this weeks. Chris drove me bonkers trying to discourage the contestant from doing a full marathon. While, I agree it probably wasn't the best for her body type and size. Give it a break after she has started. He asked her almost every mile up to 13.1 if she wanted to do the half. It pissed me off and it wasn't even me. I understand he wanted her not to get hurt, but enough is enough.

3. This weeks weight is the same. No gain, no loss since I stopped the Personal Trainer Food plan. This is good. I am actually changing my official weigh in day to Monday as that is when I weigh in for my other group. So we shall see if I am down at all on Monday.

4. Job hunting is no fun. I told my husband I would go back to work in September, after over a year off, but I don't want to. Plus, employers really want to low ball you.  Oh, well still looking. Have a few bites, we shall see.

5. It is Friday!! I am happy for Friday even if I don't work during the week, it means that my husband will be home and I will have some help in wrangling the kiddos. Which after this week I need. I still feel a little under the weather and hope to be back a 100% soon.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hot mama!

Yesterday, was the hottest day for Washington (Western Side) when we hit 96 degrees and a new record.  What is funny is most PNWer are complaining about it being to damn hot. I am hot, but I don't want it to go away. I will be sad when fall arrives.

My neighbor is from Texas and she is complaining. She said she moved her because it is cooler!  I love it, even if I had to talk myself into working out at 9:30 PM last night because my garage finally cooled to 82 degrees.

What's the weather in your neck of the woods?

Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Update

On Saturday we took a few hours and went out on our boat. The big kiddo and I decided that we would do laps around the boat while swimming. She decided we would do 10 laps. After about 5, she gave up but I decided to continue. 

After the swim, I added up the distance. We figured it was 50 feet around the entire boat (21.5, each side, 6ft across the back and less across the front). 50 feet x 10 laps = 500 feet. I was like wow, until I remember most people swim in yards. So, while I was proud of my 10 laps it was only 166 yards, which isn't much at all. Maybe next time we will go for 20 laps.

Speaking of that, how do people train in open water? How do you measure your distance. Is there some fancy watch that does that.  The husband and I were talking, and thinking maybe a Sprint Tri - or mini Tri next year, whatever the shortest distance is. I looked up some and it said 400 yard swim. I live by a lake, so as long as I do it in a warm month, I have somewhere to swim.

I would have to buy a bike, and I can do the run, albeit SLOW, but I could do it. Really, the swimming is what frightens me the most.

For now, I am still on the fence. It has always been in the back of my head to try a tri. We shall see. For now I am thinking of doing the Women of Wonder 5K on Sept 7th. But, I am scared. I don't know why. I would have signed up in a heart beat before Jillian was born.  I need to get over it and just sign up.  We will see if I will get it done this week.

How was your weekend?